You Tell Me If You Think Refilling Inkjet Cartridges Is Worth It

Refilling inkjet cartridges, instead of paying for brand new cartridges is proving to be popular for several reasons. But before we start on that, isn’t it odd how cheap inkjet printers are? So cheap in fact, that practically any computer user owns one. It makes sense right. Little do they know they’ve been set up in a sly trap, which will ensure that they’ll be paying out money for the rest of their lives to maintain their printer.

You may have wondered whilst shopping for inkjet cartridges why they cost anywhere from $40 and upwards. It seems silly to be paying for a ‘brand name’. When a printer refill kit sets you back just $20 it seems ludicrous to be paying double for the same amount of ink https://aiboooo.comĀ  . It’s not like a designer pair of jeans – ‘Wow, that’s a nice inkjet cartridge you got there!’

What’s more if you do decide to start refilling inkjet cartridges you’ll find in your printer refill kit that there are two bottles of ink, meaning two inkjet printer refills. If you do the math, that’s a huge saving. Effectively you’re paying just $10 for a single refill. So next time you go buy yourself a brand new inkjet cartridge, kick yourself, because you could be getting the equivalent of eight refills for the same price.

So, it’s obvious that printer refill kits will save you a shed load of money, but what else is good about them? Well, there’s a lot less waste and that can only be good for the environment. Just think about all that plastic going to the landfill. Millions of empty cartridges are done away with only to add to the world’s pollution. Do your bit and start refilling inkjet cartridges!

Ok, so we’ve given printer refill kits praise, but let’s rock the boat a little and look at the downsides of inkjet printer refills. Right, it wasn’t easy finding the cons of refilling inkjet cartridges but here goes:

o There is a myth that inkjet printer refills lack the quality of brand new inkjet cartridges. Of course what we’re really talking about is the actual ink and not the cartridge. Not all manufacturers are considered equal, but there are some who match in quality and offer money back guarantees, proving their confidence in their quality. Can’t ask for more than that!

o Some complain, not of the quality of ink, but of the output when printing. Poor quality and blurring. Hmmm….it does seem odd that when using the same cartridge head that different results are produced. Is there any validity in this statement?

o One other issue, which I guess is fear more than anything else (since I hear this from even people that haven’t tried refilling inkjet cartridges) is that printer refill kits are messy and difficult to use. Even if you’re IQ is below the national standard, you really shouldn’t find it difficult to pump a syringe of ink into a cartridge. To avoid any possible mess, use inkjet printer refills at the sink.

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