We Walked Through The Dark Caves Step by Step Marveling

And he was right. After the end of the walk path, a security guard let our group off the usual path and into the darkest and deepest area of the cave.

With our headlamp, we walked through the dark caves step by step marveling at the scale of these caverns. One of them was so big, you could fit a small sport stadium in.

One of these days, I will probably die from the stalactite du lich phong nha A gigantic dome-shaped of what looks like a sandstone (?) You can see the surface glittered from lights from our headlamps.falling right into my eyeballs.

One of the smallest area on the trek. The guide told us that during the rainy season, this area will be filled with water preventing trekkers from going further. There were still some water left in the cave so we had to take a paddle boat (which was in the cave) and paddled our way through the water and walked through mud.

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