Victory may be getting some star power in the building soon

The historic house’s front, streetside windows are beautiful but they’re not like gallery display windows. “I can’t change anything, structurally, but I think they lend a lot to the character of the place,” Victory said.

“I’m thinking about turning the second floor into a Poteet Victory museum. Back in 2000 I was at the University of Oklahoma and I did a mural on the Trail of Tears that’s 56 feet long and 16 feet high. It’s an oil painting on linen. I’ve got all the studies for the mural and I’ll display those.”

Victory’s current work represents a return to his roots.

“I’m from Oklahoma and my family on my dad’s side were all Indians, and when I started out more of my work was Indian-theme. For the last 15 years I’ve been doing a lot of abstract work but I’m thinking I want to get into what I used to do. I’m pulling out of all the galleries that I’m in and I’ll make all of my work exclusive to Victory Contemporary.”

The purchase was “a no-brainer,” the artist said. “I’ve spent over a million dollars leasing here [225 Canyon Road] for ten and a half years. I’ve bought the Delgado house and I think my mortgage is $4,300; I was spending $10,500 here. I’ll be paying rent, but I’ll be paying it to me.”

The timing was great on one important aspect: the roof. The Historic Santa Fe Foundation replaced the entire roof in 2011. It was done in the original material, terneplate, which lasted 120 years. So Victory should have no worries about that.

He wants to take up all the carpet and redo the floors, and he is able to put in a kitchen, which was removed years ago.

Right now he’s landscaping the large courtyard in the back — that feature is larger than the courtyard at the New Mexico Museum of Art, kitty-corner across Palace Ave. “I want to turn it into a real pretty sculpture garden. I went up to the Sculpture in the Park show in Loveland and saw some really cool sculptures, so we picked up several that I think will look really neat in the courtyard.”

Victory may be getting some star power in the building soon. “A movie company called me the other day about the Tom Hanks they’re going to shoot here and asked me if they could use the building. The setting is 1870 and they thought this would be perfect for a lawyer’s office or something. So that would be alright.”

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