Thanh An drainage – Advanced surface drainage solution suitable for all projects.

Local inundation is a widespread problem in public buildings as well as in public buildings in urban areas, especially in light of the complicated weather conditions, with large water flow.
In order to timely drainage of the surface, the drainage system needs drainage system with the surface installed in the drainage system.
Thanh An drainage system with flexible design, meets European standards EN 124 quality assurance, meet drainage efficiency for installed works and bring environmental benefits. With high durability, large load tolerances and geometry stability song chắn rác gang, the engineers and contractor channel drainage solutions lead the market.

• bending strength
In addition, Thanh An drainage has also achieved high bending strength. The combination of compressive strength and bending strength of the cast iron drainage manhole is a strong characteristic of traditional canal drainage products. With conventional concrete, the product breaks down naturally and breaks under sudden load or with sudden impact. The bending strength of the cast iron drain means that it can bend and absorb shock loads and sudden impact. This has benefits in transportation, installation and use.

Thanh An drainage system ensures quality will help save significant cost during use of the product.

• Lasting
Thanh An drainage system is produced by cast iron technology according to international standards, the technique should have long working life. This product can also be recycled 100%.

• Easy installation and interface
The dense microstructure of Thanh An drainage duct helps to make the product look more beautiful, the plane of the system after finishing smooth and smooth. Thanh An drainage also has a custom size, which improves the accuracy of the installation process. Due to the cast iron, the drainage of Thanh An will not be cracked easily or be separated from its concrete domes with the change of temperature. Thanh An is committed to refund if it detects such errors as shrinkage, cracking of drainage products of Thanh An.

In addition to the cast iron drainage products, Thanh An is also a producer and supplier of other cast iron products such as cast iron manhole cover, gray cast iron manhole cover, 4 wings, 6 cable wing cover, ganivo post cover, cast iron, but garbage …
We have a large-scale foundry, which can supply the European standard, large quantity, fast time, and delivery to your requirements.

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