Solution Utilizes a Mobile Service Provider’s Cellular

The ability to quickly scan vehicles as they approach garrison entry points is an essential tool for ensuring safety and security. Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) systems are comprised of high-speed, computer-controlled cameras that photograph every license plate that crosses its line of sight and captures location, date, and time. ALPRs may be mounted at stationary locations such as telephone poles, traffic lights, and at the entrances of garrisons.

In addition, ALPRs may be combined with biometric technology, such as facial recognition for automatic entry approval, or the ability to determine whether someone approaching has a passenger. The data, which can include photographs of the vehicle and its driver and passengers along with biometric data, can be uploaded and analyzed at the Garrison Security Command Center.

Digital Infrastructure

What if a street light at an Army Garrison 4k video downloader crack A smart garrison digital infrastructure may work by utilizing single pieces of hardware (e.g., a compact pod) with integrated sensors and IoT digital infrastructure that are affixed to lamp posts, where it can harness data and deliver secure and actionable insights about the environment. For example, a pod may include HD cameras, GPS receiver, microphones, environmental sensors, and gunshot sensors. By utilizing public application programming interfaces (APIs), the solution may provide near real-time information that can be used to automate systems and optimize the performance of the other IoT devices connected to the garrison’s grid.

This solution utilizes a Mobile Service Provider’s cellular network and secure cloud connections, and the data collected offers nearly unlimited opportunities for improvements. A digital infrastructure makes it easy to leverage any existing lighting infrastructure on a garrison, and should be mounted to any pole, almost anywhere in an Army garrison.was capable of more than simply illuminating the street? Imagine a lamp post that could help lower garrison energy costs, increase efficiencies, maximizing capabilities within a small form factor, engage garrison personnel, and improve staff life in ways never imagined.

Digital infrastructure solutions may utilize existing lighting networks to connect Army garrisons across the United States to the Internet of Things (IoT). With the ability to help improve transportation, public safety, air quality, pedestrian flow, and parking enforcement, the possibilities are endless on what a smart digital infrastructure may bring to an Army garrison.

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