Skills That Will Help You Win More Money

It’s an indisputable fact that you will lose in the long-term from the blinds. After all, you are forced to commit money to the pot regardless of the hand you’re dealt. When you add in the blinds’ positional disadvantage and account for the rake, it’s no wonder that even the strongest players cannot turn a profit from the blinds over an adequate sample of hands.

It is important to note that stealing wide is an exploitative strategy, and so you must change your game plan if the player in the big blind correctly adjusts pengeluaran sgp. If it turns out that they are aggressive — 3-betting frequently and/or taking pots from you post-flop — you need to reduce your steal attempts and save them for a less savvy opponent.

Given the price you get on a call, you can defend a fairly wide range of hands from the big blind — hands with less equity than you’d need when calling from other positions. However, you also need to be prepared to fight for pots in favorable post-flop situations. If you play too passively and/or poorly, you’ll end up burning more money than if you had just folded pre-flop.

This isn’t to say you should fight relentlessly to win every pot, but you need to pair your pre-flop adjustment with assertive post-flop play. You can’t expect to win more money by simply defending more often from the big blind.

Let’s look at an example to get a better idea of how much wider your calling range from the big blind can be compared with other positions. Suppose the player in the LoJack open-raises to 2.5BB with this range:

If the action folded to you on the button, you would need to call 2.5BB to play for a pot of 6.5BB if the blinds fold. This comes out to ~38% equity needed to profitably call (2.5/6.5). You also have to play slightly tighter to account for the times one of the blinds squeezes.

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