My said the price increases hikes have proven “quite arbitrary”

He said entrance tickets at many tourist sites in Vietnam go up three times a year, while prices in other countries rarely change.

For example, Angkor Wat has kept its prices since 1999, while many other destinations in Cambodia have remained free to enter, he said.

Nguyen Quoc Ky, general director of leading travel agency Vietravel, said a tour in Vietnam is already more expensive than in nearby countries.

Ky said the new prices “will push more Vietnamese to travel abroad.”

He said major tourism destinations should not work like a market where people can just raise prices.

Tran Van Long, director of Du Lich Viet (Viet Media Travel) Company, said cities and provinces are just following one another’s example–an unsustainable policy.

Long said Vietnamese people are making more outbound tours because local destinations aren’t worth the cost of admission.

He said the customers will agree to the price increases if they corresponded with some upgrade in the service–but they aren’t.

Ha Long Bay continues to be very polluted for example, he said.

Long said travel agencies are not keen on promoting local tours, either, since the risk of losses is high given the spontaneous price hikes.

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