Muscles and Microphone Acrobatics – Our All Time Favorite Wrestlers

There probably isn’t anyone, boy or girl, young or old, ugly or good looking that didn’t have the amazing thing known as professional wrestling as a part of their childhood. We used to laugh, cheer and even cry at those amazing shows that are probably the closest thing to a modern day carnival that people can get air impact wrench reviews. You have death defying maneuvers, true athleticism, and heart-wrenching drama all in one show. And of course we can’t forget all those characters that made us dream, right?

Here are a few of the pro wrestlers that made an impact on young and old alike. A lot of them are still entertaining fans to this day. These greats include:

l Hulk Hogan: What child of the 80s doesn’t remember what kind of electricity the Hulkster gave to a building. With his flamboyant style, super strength and ability to come back from odds that are seemingly so impossible, Hulk Hogan was the model for a generation who loved a cool combination of charisma and slick moves that were to be developed by wrestlers of the future.

l The Rock: With probably the best mic skills and some of the most memorable moves in wrestling history, the Rock was a new class of entertainer. Although now known as a successful movie star, The Rock was once the WWE’s main draw. All of those who loved him REALLY loved him and those who hated him outwardly all secretly loved him for his charisma and unmatched ring abilities. He also bridged a generation gap by beating two legends of two generations: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan.

l The Undertaker: There is perhaps no more intimidating wrestler than the Undertaker in WWE history. From his entrance to the match’s end where he eventually drops opponents on their heads with the devastating tombstone pile driver, the Undertaker has been terrorizing the ranks for almost 2 decades. He is also an unprecedented 15-0 at Wrestlemania: a feat unequaled by any other wrestler.

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