Motichoor Chaknachoor Movie Review

STORY: Anita otherwise known as Annie, a little youngster from Bhopal, chooses she will just wed a NRI. In the neighboring house, Pushpinder Tyagi who works in Dubai and is a 36-year-old single guy vigilant for a lady of the hour, is visiting his family. So will a sentiment blend between them two?

REVIEW: Annie (Athiya Shetty) has dismissed an extensive rundown of suitors orchestrated by her folks relying on the prerequisite that she will just wed somebody settled abroad. So she can live there as well as post photographs via web-based networking media to make her companions desirous. Pushpinder (Nawzuddin) then again is so urgent to wed since he is eager to make due with anyone dubbed movie online. His mom (Vibha Chibber) anyway is planning to wed her child off just against a fat share. At the appropriate time, Annie’s auntie (Karuna Pandey) persuades her to consider Pushpinder as an alternative to wed, since he possesses all the necessary qualities of living abroad. Be that as it may, isn’t that right?

Motichoor Chaknachoor attempts to benefit from the community milieu and the typical blend of particular characters that we have regularly found in motion pictures set in Northern India. So you have two arrangements of joint families and the majority of their time is by all accounts isolated between eating extensive measures of jalebi and kachoris and attempting to locate the necessary lady of the hour and groom for their separate off-springs. While it might have been proposed as an eccentric parody of an alleged rebel couple, the dull chain of occasions in the film makes it a tedious watch after a point. What’s more, in spite of the fact that it attempted to be a social parody, a considerable lot of the exchanges and situations are hazardous.

On the up side, there are some truly entertaining minutes. Nawazuddin sparkles in a portion of the comic and passionate scenes. Athiya Shetty attempts and pulls off certain scenes stunningly. Karuna Pandey as the auntie and Vibha Chibber as the mother have an effect. Also, film’s soundtrack is charming.

By and large, Motichoor Chaknachoor puts on a show of being a diverse assortment that leaves a great deal to be wanted in the execution division.

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