Matchup Between Martin and Colorado Point Guard

On the ball movement between the guards:

“High assist totals, and we’ve been charting it daily at practice. It’s been really good and on the eye test, we’re making the extra pass. And when we penetrate and hit the lane, if there are guys (with) defense rotating, they’ve been good at hitting the paint and finding where their open teammate is. So it’s probably as good as I’ve seen it since I’ve been here, just the willingness to pass and move the basketball.”

On the team’s trip to China next week and the NBA’s controversy with China earlier this month:

“I mean top to bottom, every guy I’ve asked, I’ve talked to the guys a lot about what we do, and, ‘Are you excited about this trip?’ And, ‘Absolutely.’ We got a great itinerary of events that the guys are going to be exposed to there and just a chance to play in front of a big crowd because China is very passionate about the game of basketball. So we don’t get involved with the NBA, we’re a different entity and this is a different situation and we’re excited.”

On the early matchup between Martin and Colorado point guard McKinley Wright IV, who were All-Pac-12 players last season:

“They’ve been going at it for a couple years. And truc tiep bong da then those guys are two of the better point guards in the country, so it’s always an interesting subplot. I don’t really get involved in thinking about it as much, it’s more of a bigger picture (of) trying to win a basketball game versus Colorado, that’s very well-coached and a veteran team and just have their whole team back. So they certainly have an advantage of having guys that have played together for a number of years. To a certain degree, we do as well, we’re just integrating some other guys into what we’re doing as well.”

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