You may be wanting to understand the different kinds of leather substitutes available. You might wonder how well each type of leather alternative stands up to the natural animal hides, but you find yourself confused. There are so many different terms concerning the faux leather products out there, that it’s hard to tell which one might be durable and which one might not. Here’s a small guide to help you understand each type of substitute available. The various types of faux leather can be used for a variety of things and are generally low cost compared to real leather. Depending on your preferred fabric base imitation leather, you can choose between various options. Learn more in this article.

Imitation leather, also known as artificial leather is a material created and designed to look and feel like real leather. It replaces the original animal hides in items such as upholstery, fabrics, shoes, and even clothing. The original is a favorite skin that’s inviting to people looking for a durable, soft, and overall comforting material for their everyday items. Since the original can come at a hefty price, the artificial one was manufactured to off-set those costs and make the same type of material at a more affordable cost. By implementing an alternative to the real one, imitation leather has saved money for many other companies that utilize it in their products. This kind of alternative skin material comes in many different types.

But, the options don’t stop there, though. You can also find this vegan alternative in purses, wallets, footwear, and other leather-covered items. Plus, there are even imitation leather seats in some of the most luxurious automobiles. Vegan leather shoes and boots are so well crafted, it’s not even noticeable that they’re not made from real leather; except for the price, of course.

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