How to Make A RSS Feed

How does RSS work?

Just think you publish a new Web page on a particular topic. And you want more people get interested in this topic to know about it. After adding the page as a “mail” in your feed stream, you have the page displayed in front of those who read information using RSS readers or news aggregators.In this way you’ll able to drive huge traffic to you site. RSS also allows others to add links to your content within their own web pages. Bloggers are having a huge audience base on RSS feed.

What is RSS?

RSS introduced by Netscape in 1999, then abandoned in 2001, was “Rich Site Summary”. Another version of RSS developed by user-land software means “Really Simple Syndication”. In another version, RSS stands for “RDF Site Summary”.

History buffs that there is some competition over who invented RSS. Therefore, we have both different names and even different “flavors” or versions of RSS. Mark Pilgrim’s written an excellent article, what is RSS? Which classifies the various versions of the recommendations of which are to use? I’ll also re-release of the selection you have to do. But first, let’s look more closely at some of the basics of what goes into a RSS file.

For example, RSS 2.0 specification has a “cloud” element, which is optional, but that gives a chance to that person can still ask if they should use. At the same time, heaven help the person stumbles in RSS 1.0 and its complicated RDF Syntax.

RSS file is easy to create for many people. If that person knows HTML, you probably do not know HTML properly, but enough to cut and paste from someone else RSS file to make your own file. You do not know HTML properly? Start a blog, because some times several blogging tools automatically create RSS files.

For the non-technical people using WYSIWYG tools to build personal page or use 3rd party soft is the last resource. Although you can create an RSS file from scratch. We’ll go through how to do so below. Later, I will also mention some of the tools that make up all or part of the work for you.

The heart of an RSS file is “items”. No matter which version of RSS you are using, your file must include at least one item. Items are normally web pages you want visitors to link. For example, you’ve just created a web page reviewing a new mobile phone that is being released. The information of this page is an item.

There are three types of information that you need put into a RSS file:

  • Titles
  • Description
  • Link

Title and item description don’t need to exactly same as HTML title tag of that page which is linked to, same for Meta tags. You can write any title and description that you think that can perfectly describe the page. However, using the page title and Meta description tag certainly easy to copy and paste to create your RSS feed.

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