How Safe Is Your Workplace? How Health and Safety Helps Your Business

These days, health and safety is almost a dirty word. The term is bandied around in a derogatory manner with the assumption that it costs businesses in wasted productivity. But just because standards have grown exponentially in the last fifty years, that doesn’t mean that health and safety is worth ignoring. After all, with thousands fewer deaths and serious injuries every year as a result, those extra bits of paperwork really do pay for themselves.

So, is your workplace as safe as it could be? Here are a few more reasonsĀ why you need the safest possible working area for your employees:


Some business owners often claim that health and safety is a millstone around the neck of productivity and accounts for thousands of lost hours every year, when actually the opposite is true – after all, a happy worker is a more productive worker. By ensuring that your employees will be able to sit, stand, type or lift in comfort without worrying about hurting themselves in the short or long-term, they’ll be more relaxed and deliver higher-quality results in the name of your business.


There are many better reasons to ensure your business complies with health and safety regulations, but if you’re not abiding by the rules then you’ll notice that the threat of legal action is a considerably sized elephant in the room that could bankrupt your business. For instance, if one of your employees was hurt at work because you were found not to abide by the relevant legislation, then you may have to pay thousands (or maybe even millions) of pounds in damages. Frankly, it’s not worth the risk.


Nothing disrupts the natural flow of business quite like sick leave. If your business includes sick pay benefits, as many do these days, you’ll find that injury and illness cost in more ways than one. That’s why insisting on the correct health and safety is essential – not only will it make your staff happier in the short-term, but it’ll also empower them with good health in the coming years, when they’re worth even more to your company.


If you’re a forward-thinking company, then you’re likely to be always thinking about the ways in that you’ll grow. Increasing the size of your business invariably means investing in more staff and creating a culture of health and safety at work is a sure-fire way to ensure that the right candidates want to work for you. What’s more, if you’re bidding for work to potential clients, then making the most of your responsible health and safety practices is a great way to publicise your brand.


While there are undoubtedly steps that businesses should take to make the workplace a safer one, such as arranging health and safety courses and ensuring that equipment is up to the correct standard, good health and safety also requires employees to take responsibility for their own health – ensuring that you have a workforce that can look after itself and making your company an enjoyable one to work for.


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