Autism Medication – Why Do Parent’s Feelings Figure Into This

Many times the confusion around Autism medication is due to issues not the actual medication. Medication in general is an issue attached to many people’s feelings. Medication for a child with a disability is even more emotional.

I have observed that when children with Autism are in group homes or in institutions medication does not seem to be such a problem. medical mask manufacturers I believe the major difference is the addition of the parents. Sometimes parents feel like they should be able to handle everything. When they have to turn to something like medication it bothers them. It certainly bothered me. I resisted medication for as long as possible.

Other parents feel as though medication masks the real problem. Hopefully the concept that medication sometimes enhances chemicals in our brain has become more understood over the years. If it is possible to believe that depression is largely due to a chemical imbalance, it should not be hard to believe this is possible in other instances. Many parents have found that medication has been a welcome addition to the selection of techniques they can use.

One parent reported medication helping her child with Autism slow down the chattering sounds she made. They started hearing real words. Several other parents speak of medication helping with self injurious behaviors. Not all parents will find medication that help. Not all children with Autism will continue to take medication into adulthood. Examining our feelings as parents around the issue will let us come to the best decision for our family on whether or not to try medication.

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