Alloy wheels vs steel wheels Which are better?

Since its creation, more than a century ago, the car has undergone an enormous, but enormous, amount of innovations that have improved it and evolved in all its aspects, be it speed, power, aerodynamics, lightness, comfort, efficiency and safety. One of the elements that has also witnessed progress in the automotive industry are tires. Today, you can buy car rims online not only the rims but also custom wheels and covers.

Going back to the end of the 19th century, we can recapitulate that the wheels of the world’s first automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, followed the formula of the bicycles of that time, so they were made of wire.

With the passage of time, there were vehicles such as the Ford Model T that preferred to choose wooden wheels as did the floats. Subsequently, this car part was developed of iron to obtain greater strength, and therefore a more comfortable driving. As a next step, the tires gradually leaned towards the steel, because their structure is stronger and less heavy than iron.

Obviously, in pursuit of innovation, companies saw in the aluminum alloy ideal properties to have it as a raw material in the construction of the tires. Compared to steel, in addition to having a better appearance it is lighter and stainless ; However, its cost is higher.

Given the above, is that the higher versions and high-end models have alloy wheels, custom wheel covers , however, the most accessible and some models in their input variants continue to use iron wheels with plastic trimĀ  to make them look a little more attractive to the eye.

Steel wheels

  • They cost less than alloy wheels, due to their greater ease of construction and a lower cost of materials.
  • They have a high weight.
  • They are only available in black and silver.
  • They have a rudimentary appearance so they are protected with plugs or covers.
  • They are less delicate, so they are widely used in commercial applications or off-road

Aluminum alloy wheels

  • They improve the appearance of your vehicle by the variety of design.
  • They are built to precise standards to obtain an exact fit and meet performance needs.
  • They have a higher cost than steel.
  • They weigh less
  • They are stainless
  • They allow more space in the brake area.
  • They require special maintenance during winter in areas that use salt and sand, since their finish can be damaged.
  • In case of any deformation, the repair has a higher cost.
  • They are widely used in the top-of-the-range versions of many cars, as well as sports, although today, their use has become more widespread towards the majority of versions in cars, because they have lowered their costs and because they make the car much better
  • They are more delicate. A ditch will easily generate scratches at the edge of the hoop.


Carbon fiber rims

  • They weigh less but at the same time are more resistant than aluminum.
  • They refine driving comfort by damping vibration and improving performance, making the car more predictable and controllable.
  • Its value is much greater when compared to aluminum ones.
  • The repair of a wheel of these is, by far, more expensive, since in addition to using carbon fiber as such they use a special resin and a thermal coating system that allows it to reach the required stiffness and resistance levels.
  • Only available in very exotic or competitive cars, where the benefits of carbon fiber is more apparent.

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